Coding Updates Finally!

Hi everyone,

today I started coding the next update of the KX3 Companion app.

The list of things I want to add is long and I already finalized a few ones that are quite interesting:

  • Multi Line Macros: by using the “_” (underscore) char you’ll be able to go to next line
  • Automatic Callsign Recognition: with a simple click of the RX area, you’ll be shown with a list of all the automatically recognized callsigns that you can select to be places in the dedicated field and eventually do an lookup… always in automatic. Pretty cool 😉
  • Better CALL/NAME/QTH/LOCATOR Fields: those fields now automatically adjust the font size based on the length of the values on them. They also can eventually spawn on two lines if needed.
  • Integrated Offline PDF Manual

Those are the features I coded and work already, so they’ll surely be available with the next update.

Now I’m starting working on the following features:

  • VFO B Integration with the option to easily switch between VFO A and VFO B
  • Macro Language: not only you’ll be able to have multiline macros, but I’m developing a sort of programming language with more advanced symbols. You’ll be able to change the WPM within the macro, save QSO log, etc. This will be just the start and I hope to have lot of feedbacks on that from you to let this grow based on your needs
  • Macro Editor: You’ll be able to edit/save/load macro templates from within the app. This way it’ll be very easy to switch between CW, PSK31, RTTY, contest, etc. macros templates (like with the KX3 keyApp).
  • Macro Labels: with the editor you’ll be able to set macro labels so that it’ll be easy to select them
  • DX Cluster Multiple Filters: You’ll be able to set multiple filter for spots show and alert
  • Log DB Backup/Restore

I’ve also found an easy way to record videos of the app and I’ll use it to record all the single features for the renewed online manual and for some demo video showing a gallery of all the features of the app.

Still now clue about when I’ll be able to release it. I want all the features listed to be released with the next version. I decided to dedicate part of the weekends to it and I’m confident that in 2/3 weeks I should be able to release it.

Any suggestion is more than welcome as always!

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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