817 Panadapter Kit Installation Video And Manual

Hi everyone,

about 2 weeks ago we shipped the second lot of 817 (compatible with the Yaesu 857 and 897 as well) Panadapter Kits. Most of them has been delivered already and users are starting playing with them.

You can read about the kit here:  http://817companion.com/panadapter/

We published also an installation instruction page here: http://817companion.com/817-panadapter-installation/

and yesterday Julian OH8GEJ has recorded a video showing the steps to install the kit.

Here’s the video:

As you can see installation is very simple.

Julian is working on a new video showing how to use the Panadapter kit with the 817 Companion App so to have an absolutely unique portable (and not only!) experience with your Yaesu 817. Finding signals has never been easier and more fun.

We are taking orders for the third lot of kits that will be available later this month. The list is already long and if you are interested in it, please email me at 817companion@gmail.com

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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