Morse Machine v4 for iOS (finally) and Android!

Hello everyone,

I’m very happy to announce that the Morse Machine v4 app is available both on Google and Apple stores.

The links are:

Apple Store:

Google Store:

The new version is a complete rewrite and it’s just the start of a lot of new features that are in development. The main improvements are:

  • available for iOS (new) as well as for Android
  • new more modern and simple interface
  • both landscape and portrait mode
  • top 40 words training
  • top 10 scores page
  • lot of bug fixes

So the wait for iPhone and iPad users is over!

Again this is just the start. I’m already working on some suggestion from users and some are already available in the latest update.

Here are some screenshots of the new version:


Spread the word!





7 thoughts on “Morse Machine v4 for iOS (finally) and Android!

  1. This is good news! I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time. It doesn’t appear in my AppStore yet though.. hope shows up soon!
    Congrats on the release 🙂

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