Too Much Work

Hi everyone,

(un)fortunately my “day job” is keeping me very busy and had no time to work on apps update and development.

The good news is that today I finally sorted out the problem with my KX3 serial… it was the USB cable! I was sure that it wasn’t as I tested the KX3 with the Piglet as well and it didn’t work but evidently the Piglet has some problem as well 🙂 Or maybe it was me to have problems 😀

Again I have to thank Carlo Bianconi for being a super fast, super prepared and super helpful that solved the problem in a very short time.

Anyway… just to celebrate the KX3 back home I made a few (13) QSOs in JT65 and everything went very well. Every call I could copy heard me as well with only 5W and a quick antenna made with a single cable thrown to the tree in front of my office window. No balun, no ground, only the KX3 internal ATU matching. What can I say.

The  other good news are that the very little free time I had so far, has been spent studying Swift and iOS8 development mainly to start working on the porting the KX3C and all the other apps to iOS 8.

The KX3 Companion Android next update is partially done, so it is the new WSPR Beacon app and the QRSS Beacon app update (always for Android). Porting everything to iOS should be done before the end of the year but much depends on how my day job projects go.

Thanks everyone for the patience. I’ll do my best so that the wait will be worth the wait 🙂

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


4 thoughts on “Too Much Work

  1. Steady ad she goes Andrea. We’ll be here when you’re ready!

  2. Thank you Andrea! I would love it if there was a fullscreen or wider option for the waterfall/spectrum. When you have time again. Thank you!

    • Ciao Rimas,
      I’m thinking about the full screen waterfall/spectrum for a while now.
      Surely it won’t be available with the next version as I have already a long list of new features 🙂
      But I’ll work on that for sure in the future.
      72/73, Andrea

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