Morse Machine v4 almost ready! (for iOS as well)

Hi everyone,

it’s ages since I write something in the blog and it’s ages since I came back working on the apps.

In reality I wrote apps every day (in React Native) as it’s my job and that’s probably why I could not find the right motivation to get back home and spend time writing apps also during my free time. Also a lot of things happened in those years that made me focus on different things. Most important one is that now I live and work in the UK!

But things have changed now as I’ve found a very interesting platform to work with and so I spent the last weeks learning it and developing a totally new version of the Morse Machine. The new platform is named Flutter and it is developed by Google. I’ll talk more about it in another post that I want to dedicate to it as if I’m back coding apps during my free time is mainly thanks to it.

Version 4 of Morse Machine is really close to be ready and it’ll be available for both Android and iOS almost at the same time.

It’s a complete rewrite and it’ll be clear just by looking at it. But the features for now will be almost exactly the same of the old one.

Thanks to all the people that is using the old version and that keeps writing me with suggestions and saying how much they like it. I decided to come back with the Morse Machine for this reason.

So spread the word to all the iOS users that soon Morse Machine will be available for them as well.

More updates in the coming days.




2 thoughts on “Morse Machine v4 almost ready! (for iOS as well)

  1. Welcome back, Andrea!

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