1000 Thanks To All The 1000 Morse Machine Users!

Hi everyone,

I was watching Google developers backend and I realized that the Morse Machine app has just passed the 1000 mark!

More than 1000 people are using my Morse Machine app to learn and improve their CW.

WOW I’m pretty impressed by that.

Thanks a lot everyone for all the great feedback you keep on giving me. I really hope to be able to release an updated version soon.

As you know by know, I have highs and lows in my job and when I have lows I can dedicate time to code updates and new apps. (Un)Fortunately it’s a high period 🙂 So it’ll still take some time to see some update on my apps but surely they’ll be all updated before Android M(arshmallow) is released 😉

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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