***** Great App

The application seems to work just fine so far and Andrea is amazing with support and questions. Very, very happy!

***** Splendid Application for KX3

I’ve been fooling around with this app and my KX3 for about a week now. It’s run fine on an N5 as well as tab 7 and tab 8. The phone and tab 8 are running lollipop while the tab 7 runs Android 4.4.4. The small phone display is missing some buttons that are available. Still, it’s quite useful on the phone. So far I’ve used it on CW, TTY and PSK 31. I log with 73, and it and XK3 companion communicate. This is very nice, well behaved software. If you run data modes on a KX3, you should consider buying the full version.

***** KX3 Companion

Great App for KX3

***** Great tool for KX3 Users!

Many thanks for this KX3 Tool!

***** Very interesting tool

The application is great! I had to perform some adjustments on the RS-232 data rate and the pollling time to have a stable situation with my hardware (ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T). For this I have to thank the author for the prompt answer and the valuable support.

***** Great app and even better support

Answers questions on the spot with email and twitter. Great product on Sprint, Note 3

***** Super Quality

I have just started to use the KX3 companion, but I am already finding it a very capable app. I am using it to control my KX3 and experimenting with various modes etc. I look forward to constant updates based on user input. WA6JFK

***** Awesome Job Andrea

This is a great piece of software to go with my KX3. I can take my KX3 and Tablet to the park and work everything I can do at home. Great Job Andrea…… 73 KC6CNN

***** Best radio companion app

This app is simply awesome!!

***** Great software for KX3

I’ve been curious about this software since its first appearance and was impressed with the developers level of support and the info on the constant improvements and upgrades as posted on the KX3’s Yahoo users group. Just bought a new Nexus just to try it out and explore the Android world. This software alone made the purchase worth it in my opinion. I love using my KX3 with it portable and look forward to all the updates and new features. It’s going to Europe with me on my next trip.

***** Great work!

Great work! A great value for your KX3.

***** Tolino Tablet und kx3

Wer einen kx3 mit internen Betriebsmodi benutzt, sollte diese App einmal ausprobieren. Die halbautomatische Übertragung von Call, Name usw. in die vorgesehenen Felder sollte noch implementiert werden. Gut wäre eine Bluetooth-Anbindung für den kx3, muss man aber selbst bauen, da der kx3 ein negiertes ttl-Signal benutzt. Ich kann die App nur uneingeschränkt empfehlen.

***** Very useful

Combining this with a HW QWERTY device such as Sony Xperia Pro provides a pretty good solution for lightweight portable ops, although you really want a large screen. Been successfully using this for RTTY.

***** Very Useful!

This application is really very useful for KX3 owners! It allows you to control your radio from your tablet, and also send and receive data modes with no audio connection! Remote control over the network is the icing on the cake 🙂 I can’t wait to see what comes next in this frequently updated application! Josh

***** This is good – keeps getting better.

I bought this app some time back and the new features that come out in the updates are an unexpected PLUS. I also found out how customer-oriented the author is. Outstanding support.

***** Great App!

App works well. Now I have to get a tablet so I can see more info in a larger format. Its a little cramped viewing it on my phone. I really like the swr sweep feature. K2UPS

***** Very nice tool for KX3

Together with pigtail and bluetooth audio transmitter makes rtty and psk very easy on Android tablet

***** If you are a QRP operator owning an Elecraft KX3 – THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!

In case you are not sure, test the free version first, but these 5 EURO are best invested since I am purchsing Ham Radio Equipment. After about 1 month of usage I have to edit my first revision of this app (posted below). Andrea fixed all issues, which were reported by users of KX3 Companion and additionally extended the functionality of the app step by step. Whith each release of the app new features were added and he is still finding new possibilities for the next step. Congratulations Andrea – go on 🙂 vy73 Alex – DK 4 FT My first impression of the first release of KX3 Companion (in March 2014) was: – Nice and useful even in this early version vy 73 dk4ft

***** Works for me

I have used the app for a few days now, mostly RTTY. Works good, looking forward to enhancements that are being discussed.

***** Outstanding new addition to the android amateur radio library

He is making weekly progress him updating and catching mistakes. He is attentive to the wishes of the amateur radio community and will help them as well as he can within the limits of programming and android architecture. It is very useful application, and will lend itself to many uses including emergency work. I am using it on KX3 #24 and a Nexus 7, A123 batteries and a Buddipole .. Within a year it will be on many Android tablets and phones around the world. KB9AVO

***** The APP i was waiting for!

73 de DL6MB


5 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Awesome!!!! I really wanted to use this with my Motorola Atrix HD phone, but I recently got an old 32 bit Netbook working on Android 4.4.2. I downloaded the free version onto the Netbook only to see if it would work, as soon as I plugged the remote control cable I received a connection to the KX3.

    I continued with the operations to ensure everything worked. Reading the manual would have saved me some extra key and mouse strokes.

    After I purchased the software, it started messing up. Thoughts were not good at this time. But then I uninstalled the “Free Version” and restarted the software again and everything is normal again.

    My operations are mainly PSK31 and RTTY.

    • Hi Don,
      thanks a lot for your feedback.
      I’m happy that you like it and find it useful.
      Interesting to know that Android netbook work fine with it!
      Enjoy it 😉
      72/73 Andrea IU4APC

  2. Andrea, I seen on a few of your posts you were able to charge your device and have it connected to your KX3. I have a Nexus 6P and would like to do this same thing, but my testing over USB Type C, results in either charging( disconnecting my KX3) or connected to KX3 and NOT charging.

    Have you had any experience with any Nexus product via USB Type C?

  3. Great app, but how do I get rid of the no peer certificate when trying to use the cluster?

    Thanks 🙂

    • I wondered that same thing, but unfortunately I believe our words are spoken to deaf ears. I have been trying to address a technical problem with this application for months. I have sent an email and commented on this application, hoping to get some reply.

      This application suffers from having a connectivity issue on Android marshmallow Samsung galaxy tab s2. Using a splitter cable, I am unable to get waterfall to work via headphone jack.

      Device microphone will be prioritized and thus pick up room noise, most of the time I need to audio couple.

      I don’t know what has happened to this developer, but she needs to address this usability issue for newer devices.

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