KX3 Companion Macro Language

Hi everyone,

As anticipated yesterday I’m working on implementing a sort of macro language to the KX3 Companion macros.

Here are the “commands” I’m working on.

First the static info:

  • <OMCALL> : OM call
  • <OMNAME> : OM name
  • <OMQTH> : OM QTH
  • <OMLOC> : OM locator
  • <MYCALL> : our call
  • <MYNAME> : our name
  • <MYQTH> : our QTH
  • <MYLOC> : our locator (in the future this may be automatic and based on GPS)
  • <MYRIG> : our rig info
  • <MYANT> : our antenna info
  • <MYWTR> : our weather/temperature info
  • <MYSWR> : KX3 Companion (!)
  • <MYCUS1>: first customizable field
  • <MYCUS2> : second customizable field
  • <RRST> : received RST
  • <SRST> : sent RST
  • <RSER> : received serial
  • <SSER> : sent serial

And here are dynamic info:

  • <FREQ> : actual frequency
  • <BAND> : actual band
  • <MODE> : actual mode
  • <DATE> : actual date
  • <TIME> : actual time
  • <UTCD> : actual UTC date
  • <UTCT> : actual UTC time

And the real commands:

  • <QSO> : logs the QSO with actual info
  • <WPM:xx> : changes the WPM to xx value
  • <CHMODE:x> : changes the mode to the x mode (I’ll follow Elecraft enumeration)
  • <CHFREQ:xxxxxxxxx> : changes the frequency to xxxxxxxxx Hz
  • <UP:xx> : moves up xx kHz
  • <DW:xx> : moves down xx kHz
  • <VFOSW> : switches VFO A with VFO B
  • <PWR:xxx> : sets power output
  • <CMD1> : first custom command (you can use Elecraft KX3 programming language)
  • <CMD2> : second custom command

Those commands should allow pretty advanced stuff already, but if you have some idea please let me know. I’m trying to develop everything so that adding new commands is pretty straight forward. Also, using the two custom commands, you’ll be able to send your personal commands using the KX3 programming language.

I should be able to finish working on this in max a couple of days.

I’ll keep you updated 😉

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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