817 Companion Android App In Development

Hi everyone,

finally I’ve found the time to work on finalizing the “817 Companion” app.

Here’s a list of the features:

  • control of the Yaesu 817 ( change band, frequency, mode)
  • memories (10 memories for each band)
  • audio spectrum/waterfall (4Hz wide) with touch QSY
  • DX Cluster with filters and touch QSY
  • parameters settings

I should be able to pst some screenshot in the coming days.

Control could be done via USB Serial or Bluetooth Serial.

If you have any idea or suggestions, I’ll be more than happy to hear them and integrate into the app.

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


8 thoughts on “817 Companion Android App In Development

  1. Andrea–

    Might you have a tentative release date for this application? I’m sure I am not the only one eagerly awaiting!
    Thank you for any information you might be able to provide.

    • Hi,

      I’ve been busy with my day job lately but starting from this week I’m free enough to be back working on it. I hope to be able to release the first final version in a couple of weeks max.

      Later this week I’ll release a new version for beta testers and I’ll get some feedback from them soon enough to be able to finalize everything I want in this first release in another week.

      Follow the blog (or even better my Twitter account @kx3companion) if you want to stay updated about the development.

      Thanks for your interest!

      72/73 Andrea IU4APC

      • Andrea–

        Thanks for the update – certainly looking forward to the release, and if you need any additional beta testers in the future, my email address is on QRZ.

        –Joe (N0LSD)

      • I’d be interested in beta testing as well if you need the help.

      • Hi,
        Thanks everyone for your interest and offer for beta testing.
        I’ll do all I can to make it available as soon as possible. I already have some beta testers but in case I need more I’ll take all of you into account.
        72/73 Andrea IU4APC

  2. Eagerly awaiting the release of this app! Just picked up an 817 at Hamvention and can’t wait to try it out with this.

  3. Nice app, I can confirm it works fine on my HTC Desire and also my Hudl tablet with Bluetooth.

    One request could you provide a user choice to close the waterfall for those of us that just want CAT and Log.

    This would allow you to increase the size of the logging and CAT areas

    73 Terry G4POP
    Log4om Development Team

    • Ciao Terry,
      thanks a lot for the comment.
      You can already do only CAT by closing (using the X button) the waterfall.
      Tell me if that is good enough or if you have any additional suggestion on how to do that.
      72/73 Andrea IU4APC

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