One Year Of App Development

Hi everyone,

One year ago I published my first app for Android: the KX3 Companion app. After one year I can say that 1 out of 10 people owing a Elecraft KX3 in the world, use my app. That’s a great success for me.

Everything changed since then. I loved so much to develop apps for ham radio that in just one year I developed 5 more apps:

  • KX3 KeyApp – a virtual keypad for your Elecraft KX3
  • WSPR Beacon – the only WSPR signal transmitter for Android to check band propagation and antenna performances on the go
  • CW Beacon – automatically send CW beacon messages that can include various information
  • QRSS Beacon – send very slow CW messages that can be hears at very long distances using very low power
  • Morse Machine – the app that let’s you learn CW as if it’s a game. Very funny and most important… it works!

Those are my apps for ham radio but I also developed one for my “day job”: the Forex Dashboard to check currencies (and stock indexes and commodities) strength/weakness in real time over 6 time frames with alerts.

Feedback from all the users has been great and is keeping me updating the existing apps and thinking about developing more.

I’d like to thank you all for that and for keeping supporting their development.

I’m already working on new apps that will be out in this second year of app development. Most important I’ll start publishing the iOS ported version of some of my Android apps: the Morse Machine and the Forex Dashboard first.

Happy APPniversary!

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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