Updating WSPR Beacon App

Hi everyone

finally I’ve been able to do some coding and compile the app so that it can be beta tested.
Here’s a list of what I’ve done so far:
  • The app should retain information an all devices now. It did already before on the devices I have so can’t tell if the fix I’ve made is really a fix or not. Waiting for beta testing results.
  • The frequency label now shows the value of the base frequency + the shift so that it is easier to understand the exact frequency where we’ll be transmitting
  • A long press of the frequency value, centers the shift to 1500hz
  • Fixed the 600m (now 630m) frequency and added the 2200m one
  • The app now asks for confirmation to exit when you press the back button
  • While transmitting (and only while transmitting) ringing is set to vibrate. It restores the previous configuration when it stops transmitting
  • Changed the “database” view to the “olddb” so that I can easily show only the values for our callsign
I decided not to set a predefined volume as all the devices have a different audio out level and also much depends on the rig. So I’ll leave to the operator to set the audio out level during the initial setup.
If beta testing goes well, the update should be released very soon.
Thanks a lot for all those supporting the app and sending suggestions.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC

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