New WSPR Beacon App Update Available

Hi everyone,

as anticipated yesterday, I’ve been working on an update of the WSPR Beacon app.

The app update is available now on the Google store.

Here is the list of the updated/added features:

  • fixed personal information not retained on some devices. It should now work on most of the devices (if your doesn’t work, please report with Android device and version)
  • added list view for reception reports with band filter. No longer it displays web page.
  • added SHARE button to the MAP/REPORTS sections that takes screenshots and saves html file of the spots
  • the total shifted frequency is shown so that it’s easier to understand the exact frequency where the signal will be transmitted
  • fixed the 600m (now 630m) frequency and added the 2200m one
  • the app now asks for confirmation to exit when you press the back button

Thanks to all the people writing me and in particular Julian OH8GEJ for also testing betas.

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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