KX3 Stand And Tablet Stand By Peter HB9ASV

Hi everyone,

one of the things I like most is that thanks to the KX3 Companion and to the other apps, some of you send me email describing how you use them and your setups. Some also send pictures and as in the past I love to share them with you all.

Probably it maybe worth starting a pictures/video section of the website.

The following are from Peter HB9ASV that has made a clever stand for the KX3 attached to the antenna and, even more interesting and clever, a cool tablet stand for the KX3.

Here are the pictures:

Cool isn’t it? He also uses a bluetooth Apple keyboard. There are other BT keyboard that as smaller and more suitable for portable use, but the Apple BT keyboard is a very nice one (I use it every day and it’s the one I’m using now to write this post :D).

I love everything of this setup. The tablet stand is very cleaver and I want to draw something to be 3d printed that could be used by those without the SideKX (even if they are a perfect ancor point for a thing like that) and for those using an heatsink.

But Peter solution is great.

Thanks to him for sending me the pictures and if you have some of you and your KX3 along using one of my apps (or even not!) I’ll be happy to publish them as well. Even better… a video!

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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