WSPR Beacon Android App Development Continuing

Hi everyone,

just a quick update to inform you that the development of the WPRS Beacon app for Android is going on an the encoding part is done.

Now I want to find a better performing sound library than the one I’m using actually for the QRSS one so that I can use it on both the apps and developing an “Ultimate Beacon” integrating both modes.

The one that I’m using actually has decent performances only on lower base frequencies, between 450Hz and 550Hz. But still not good enough for WSPR that has shift of about 1.5Hz.

Using Javascript I have no problems so probably I’ll go with a mix of “technologies” using JS to send the audio once the encoding is done. I may even do everything on JS and have the app working on every platform… we’ll see.

Anyway… even if at a slower rhythm, developing is going on, mostly during the weekends.

I’ll keep you updated as always.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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