Call For Action

Hi everyone,

tho post is because I need your help in making the app even better than it is now.

I’m about to release a new update with many new features and it’ll be free for all the users of the FULL version, and I want to keep on doing so not only for the next update but for all the others coming.

To help me with that I want to ask a few free things that you can do for the KX3 Companion.

The first is that I just published a page with a list of known to be working and known not to be working devices: smartphones, tablets and with enough information also OTG cables.

The page is here:

Please review it and give me a follow up if your working device is not listed there or if it’s wrongly listed. You can do that by commenting on the above page (or this one) or contacting me via email.

I also need more info about surely working OTG cables.

The second reason for writing is to ask you to take some time writing a feedback and/or voting the app on the Google Play Store. Some of you already did it, but many didn’t. By know you should have an almost definitive opinion about the value of the app and I’d really appreciate if you’d like to share it with me and all the rest of the users or potential ones.

You can do it by simply clicking the (5!) stars on the app page.

The links to the Google Play Store page for the FULL version is:

for the FREE version is:

Thanks 5 times!

Third and last, is that I’d like to show to other people interested in the KX3 Companion app, real user experiences with it. I’m about to update the online manual and for it I’ll record a few videos explaining some of the features. But I’d also like to show videos recorded by other people that it’s not me.

You can record whatever you want: a feature that you particularly like, a QSO or simply a CW/PSK31/RTTY decoding, etc. Anything will be ok.

My idea is to collect them all in a YouTube KX3 Companion channel. You can send me the video or upload it to YouTube yourself and send me the link so I can embed everything.

Thanks in advance to everyone. I really appreciate all the time you’ll spend on helping me in the above tasks.

Please, spread the voice to your friends that you know are also KX3 Companion users.

As usual, any feedback or suggestion is more than welcome. I’m very open to them and I usually do all I can to make the app adapt to users needs.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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