KX3 Companion With QRZ/eQSL/DXCluster Integrations Available

Hi everyone,

on the Google Store is available the new version of the KX3 Companion app.

What’s new in this version:

  • QRZ.com XML integration. If you are subscribed to QRZ.com XML service,  fill in username/password in the settings and enable the automatic lookup
  • eQSL.cc integration. If you are subscribed to eQSL.cc, fill in username/password in the settings and enable it to automatically send an eQSL every time a new QSO is logged
  • DX Cluster integration. It is available in the Tools menu. The features are:
    – simple press QSY: click the spot line you are interested to, and the KX3 moves to the spot frequency
     band filter: select which band you want spots for
    – list filter: enter a string, and it’ll be used to filter spots. For example: “/P” will show only portable calls, “QRP” only QRP, “Japan” only those coming from Japan, etc
     spot alert filter: enter a string used to filter spots. When a spot satisfying the alert filter is found, the app shows a popup alert and plays a sound. Alerting works only when the DXCluster is the open tool.

Note: the list filter and the alert filter are independent, so you can enable/disable them with different string filters.


  • Display keep alive option (enabled by default)
  • Text correction disabled option (enabled by default)
  • A long press on Name/QTH/Locator, quickly deletes all not logged QSO values (Call included)
  • Log time is now UTC based
  • Smaller Font Size for Macro buttons on smaller displays
I decided to move the TUNE Helper feature to next version as I want to re-write the whole SWR sweeping and tuning features.

Great thanks to all the people writing me and supporting me in developing what I’d like to be the best ham radio app, for the best ham radio! 🙂

One more thing… I created a page with a list of “known to be working” and “known to be not working” devices (phones and tablets). Please help me keeping it up to date with your information.

The link to the page is: https://kx3companion.com/working-devices/

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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