Updated Version With Bug Fixes Uploaded


as anticipated the new updated version is ready and has been just uploaded to the Google Store. Within the next few hours it should be available for download.

Here are the details of the 3 bug fixes:

  • Tools Menu not showing: on some of the older Android versions, the new “Tools” menu hosting the new “SWR Meter” don’t show up. I changed the Tools Button/menu to a spinner and this should solve any compatibility issue
  • KX3 AUTOINF setting: the AUTOINF settings is used to automatically send various kind of information when you change frequency or band. This is made to be used with active antennas or external amplifiers. The latest version already partially solves a compatibility more when AUTOINF is active but didn’t solve it completely (the app locks if you change band with it active). Now you can keep it on and change frequency and band and the app is not affected in any way.
  • XMIT limit to 24 chars: if you send more than 24 chars at the same time in XMIT mode, the sending is not working properly. This is due to a limit in the “KY” command in the KX3 firmware. In SEND mode this is not a problem as everything you type in the TX window is divided into 24 chars strings and then sent to the KX3. This wasn’t done in XMIT mode as it was supposed to be a “send as you type” mode but didn’t consider the use of long macros  Now I use the same workaround used for the SEND mode, and you can send sting long as you want in XMIT mode as well.

Thanks everyone reporting those bugs and to beta testers for testing the fixes.

Andrea IU4APC


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