Bug Fixes

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a couple of bugs and they should be solved.

The two bugs refer to the “Tools Menu” not showing on older version of Android. I decided to replace the button+menu with a spinner (like the one to select the “mode”) and this should bring back compatibility to those versions of Android that had problems with it.

I also solved a bug that made the app lock if the AUTOINF option of the KX3 was set to anything else than “NOR”. This option is used for example with external amplifiers like the Hardrock 50. Now it should work without problems with the AUTOINF not to NOR as well.

Thanks for all those reporting those two bugs and to some of them to test the solution 🙂

As soon as I have a positive feedback from them confirming that they are both solved, I’ll put the update on the Google Store.


Andrea IU4APC


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