KX3Companion Update (v3 Terra)

Hi everyone,

first of all I’d like to thank all the people that already use the KX3Companion as they are very active in giving great feedback and suggestions.

And thanks to them all I just released a new version with a slightly redesigned interface for the portrait position that allows the TX/RX fields to be always visible and no longer being covered when the keyboard pops up.

Also adjusting the frequency is even easier now. You simply tap the frequency value, it is cleared, you type the new frequency (in Mhz) and and the KX3 tunes to it.

I added a few minor changes to how LOGs are managed and shared. They can also be cleared now.

One question… it would not take much to make the app compatible with the Elecraft K3 as well. I know that many of you own them both. Is anyone interested in that or not? Is it a worth addition?

I really hope that keep using the KX3Companion app and please send me feedback/comments… and do it also in the Google Store as that would help me keep on developing the app 😉

Andrea IU4APC


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