XMIT Function

Hi everyone,

I’m working on version 4 (Mars) of KX3 Companion and the main feature will be the XMIT send function.

What it means is that instead of writing the text and then press the SEND button that sends all the written text you can optionally “transform” the SEND button into a copy of the XMIT button and have the KX3 in TX mode and everything you type is immediately sent to the radio in real time. To enable the XMIT button you’ll only have to long press the SEND button and it’ll change into the XMIT On/Off button. To come back to the SEND mode you simply have to long press the XMIT button again and it’s done.

Development is almost done but I have to fix a bug that repeats everything you type when using a Bluetooth keyboard in XMIT mode.

Other than that I’ll also add a popup that is not covered by the soft keyboard when you want to manually change the frequency.

I also restored the tap to clean the RX display and moved the “display all the buffered log” when long pressing the RX area. This way the long press will have 3 functions: Display the Full LOG buffer, Share the Full LOG and Delete it.

I’ll also try to have a better looking preference panel… more compliant to what preferences usually look like.

I still don’t have an exact idea of when it’ll be released but probably before the end of the week.


Andrea IU4APC


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