Pre-Order Next 817/857/897 Panadapter Kits

IMG_20150702_102813Hi everyone,

the first lot of panadapter kits for the Yaesu 817-857-897 are all gone.

We are accepting pre-orders for the next lot that should be available in a couple of weeks. If you are interested please email me ( so that I can give you more information and put you in the waiting list.

In the meanwhile I’m working on an update of the 817 Companion app, as well as a version of the app dedicated to the Yaesu 857/897 owners.

I’m also coming back to a new version of the KX3 Companion that should fix some issues reported with Android 5 as well as integrating some features that has been developed for the 817 Companion apps.

Thanks a lot everyone for supporting the development of those apps and giving me great feedback and suggestions.

72/73 Andrea IU4APC



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