Starting from version 6 (Jupiter) the KX3 Companion supports the use of the Piglet to wireless connect your Android device to the radio.

Here are the steps to be taken:

  1. Connect the Piglet to the Elecraft KX3 and to a battery source
  2. On the Elecraft KX3 set the Baudrate to 4800
  3. Check available wifi networks on your Android device and connect to “Pigtail” network
  4. Open the KX3 Companion
  5. In the Preferences pane set: check “Use Piglet
  6. Press the ON/OFF button

If everything is ok you should receive a confirmation message and the frequency should automatically sync with the one of the Elecraft KX3.


5 thoughts on “Piglet

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  3. “On the Elecraft KX3 set the Baudrate to 4800”

    Unless I’m wrong the current Piglet V3 is shipping with 38400 baud.


  4. “On the Elecraft KX3 set the Baudrate to 4800”

    Piglet V3 now ships with 38400 baud.

    John KB0NE

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