Here you can find the PDF version of the manual:


The manual is also always available from within the app, simply by choosing “MANUAL” in the “Tools” spinner.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC

67 thoughts on “Manual

  1. Please add a “clear” and/or “clear-save to log” function to the received text screen. When it’s full it receives very slowly.

    • Hi,
      you’re right. The QSO Log and FULL LOG are restarted every day but I’ll add an option to clear them after the saving.

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  3. When sending text, can the app send as you type and if so is the key input buffered so that one can back up and correct unsent characters before they get sent? (typo klutz here)

    • Hi John, I’m already working on this option 😉
      It’ll make the SEND button work as the XMIT button and the TX area as a “to be sent” area.

  4. I’m having problems with this app. I have it loaded on my Motorola Razr Droid phone and it says it’s connected to the KX3 but nothing I do on the screen changes the KX3 settings. It’s like the data is not talking to the KX3 from the phone or from the KX3 to the phone.

    On a second Android device I loaded the app and it doesn’t see the KX3 at all. I am using the correct OTG adapter cable per the name on the package when I purchased it.

    If I purchase this device once for an Android device can I load it on every Android device I own without having to purchase it for each device?

    Gary A. – W0MNA

    • Hi,

      yes you can install on multiple devices as long as log to the Google Play Store with the same account.

      Which versions of Android do they run.

      Also please check the OTG with a couple of free apps: OTG Troubleshooter and Easy OTG Check.

      Then write me to

      Andrea IU4APC

    • Try rebooting the KX3. I had the same but it only started working once KX3 was restarted.

  5. Ciao Andrea, complimenti innanzitutto per l’ applicazione, che nel mio caso funziona perfettamente. Bellissimo il poter usare il tablet come consolle per i modi digitali e per il cw, molto comodo. Una domanda: ampliare i modi al JT65? è indicato per basse potenze e bassi segnali, quindi adatto al qrp e all’ attività con antenne da field day, mi sembra adatto al kx3 quindi…giusto un’idea! cari 73 de iz4bkk Andrea

    • Ciao Andrea,

      personalmente uso parecchio il JT65 per mi piacerebbe molto poterlo implementare.

      Il fatto è che attualmente l’applicazione lavora usando le capacità di codifica/decodifica integrate nel KX3.

      Per poter implementare il JT65 (od Olivia, ecc) bisognerebbe usare un collegamento audio (e quindi non solo la seriale) e spostare la codifca/decodifica nell’applicazione.

      Per ora non è mia intenzione fare ciò ma non posso escluderlo per il futuro.

      Grazie per il supporto e per il suggerimento.

      Andrea IU4APC

  6. Hello all:
    I got the KX3 free companion android app working on my Nook HD+.
    1) I used the KitKat Rooted android app from $12
    2) Downloaded the free version to see if the software would fit FREE
    3) I used the Nook USB input cable and connected it to a USB-A-FM to USB-A-FM connector
    4) I used a powered 7 port USB expander pod attached to the KX3 USB cable and a USB keyboard hooked up
    5) After some fiddling around and rebooting the Nook I was able to connect to the KX3 and the USB keyboard and send some practice CW Xmissions using the external keyboard. (There is a USB HOST SWITCH app in the Androidfornook os that OTGs the Nook charge/USB port. Note, the USB must be in passive, not hosting mode to be able to charge the Nook. Also the Nook does not power the USB port in hosting mode so an external powered USB expander is required.).
    6) Was able to set frequency and do other operations the the free software allowed.

    Now all I have to do is to get the for sale app loaded in my nook!

    If you would like to discuss this and save some KX3 bandwidth please contact me directly
    KB0NE dot ARS at GMAIL dot COM
    or use the KX3 Companion website:

    John KB0NE

  7. Andrea, Recently purchased an android device and learning to use it. Previously an iPad user but interest in your Companion App convinced me I need to try the Android world! So I’ve download your FREE KX3 app and waiting a OTG-USB cable. My goal is to be able to use your app to work CW controlling the KX3 from Bluetooth keyboard + Companion App. Is this possible? The more specific question is there a keyboard command for SAVE LOG? Also do the macros map to the keyboard? Basically I’m interested in controlling your Companion App from the keyboard and NOT have to touch the display/screen but run the app from the keyboard. Is this possible?
    Please advise. Thanks, Steve/wG0AT

    • Ciao Steve,
      thanks for your interest.
      Actually the external keyboard can be used only to entry value/text and not to control the app.
      But I understand what you want to do and it makes sense. I’ll do some test to see if I can intercept special keys (like function keys, crtl, alt, etc) and use them to control the UI.
      Thanks again for your interest and for asking.
      Andrea IU4APC

      • Great to hear it may be possible! This would a very neat tool to use with tablet-droid/KX3 for holiday or mini-DXpedition to log small pile ups similar to big N1MM logging program on PC-notebook but much more portable for beach side or mountain SOTA portable! Please keep us informed! Thank you so much, Andrea! …73,Steve/wGOAT

      • Ciao Steve,
        what an honour to have your comments here. I just realized who you are and I’m a great fan of your expeditions 🙂 I think I watched all your videos on YT 😀
        I’ll do my best to let you use the keyboard for most of the functions.
        Thanks again and let me know if anything else comes into your mind after you start using it.
        Andrea IU4APC

  8. @WGoat: Couple of things to keep in mind is that you will have extra hardware and need a bigger battery so you may need an extra pack goat ;-).
    I just scavanged a throwaway switching mode 12V to 5V phone charger. This may be needed to recharge the android device battery from the 12 V storage battery. Also power/charge other 5 volt things that connect via the USB ports.

    Another thing is that the display may be hard to see on a bright sunny mountain peak so you may need to pack a dark hood to see the screen…. unless that isn’t all that important. Then again you may not see the bear sneaking up on ya if you are under the hood…..

    Saw you at the ARRL get together in Estes last summer.

    John KB0NE 73s

  9. The KX3 Companion looks like a fantastic way to effectively utilize more of the KX3 functions while portable. After all, the KX3 is a great ‘park’ radio.
    However, I’m having trouble getting my tablet to recognize it. Has anyone else had any luck with a HP SLATE 7 tablet?
    Thanks for the bandwidth.
    … K3RLL

    • Hi Don,
      I totally agree with you.
      When the app doesn’t recognize the KX3 most of the times depends on the OTG cable.
      Are you sure that it is OTG and not a simple adaptor?
      Andrea IU4APC

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  11. Connected my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro running KitKat 4.4 using the OTG connector. I cannot get any response from the KX3. I’ve restarted the radio with the free app running and nothing. Without the radio RD I/Q plug inserted, and the OTG, USB interface connected, the app says I’m connected to the KX3. I’m getting frustrated trying to get these two talking to each other. Please help.

    • Hi,
      Are you sure that the OTG cable adapter is really an OTG one. Unfortunately many OTG cables are other so. If it is so, even with the app not started, when you plug the cable with the adapter, a popup window should ask you which app to use for USB. If you don’t see that popup than probably it’s the cable.
      Also, try rebooting the tab. Something works 🙂
      73, Andrea IU4APC

      • Hi Andrea/All,
        I have just purchased an “OTG cable adapter” from my local electronics store and I didn’t get the pop up 😦
        I guess it’s safe to say I need to buy another one?
        Thanks Andrea for what looks like a very promising app (if I can get an OTG cable!)

  12. Where is the log file stored? I’m a new user, seem to have everything working, but couldn’t find the log.. no kx3companion folder or any file with today’s date. Is the receive text file also stored? When I short tap the rx text screen, it seems to clear, not show decoded text. When I long press, it shows a dialog box, and very briefly shows all text. When I tried to email the text, I got an error that it couldn’t send the attachment.
    For the wish list: an audio spectrum with waterfall would be great. Touch to tune, too.

    • Hi Greg,
      Set “use external storage” option and you should find a KX3Companion directory in the root of the SD or virtual SD with all the files.
      73, Andrea IU4APC

      • Thanks, Andrea.
        I don’t have an SD card in this Galaxy Tab 2, yet.. I don’t see a way to create a virtual SD either; most SD manager apps will move to an SD. Perhaps a future settings option to store in main memory?
        73, Greg WA7IRW

      • Hi Greg,
        you don’t have to do anything. Simply check the option in the KX3Companion app and see if it works. If the app doesn’t give any error then you should be able to download your files by attaching the tablet to a PC. In case that it stops working simply uninstall and reinstall.
        Keep me updated.
        73, Andrea IU4APC

  13. Andrea, I have a Nexus7 2013 and the KX3 does not talk to the tablet. It says the KX3 is connected but nothing is happening. Do I need another OTG cable?

    Ariel NY4G

    • Hi Ariel,

      are you sure that the cable is an OTG one? When you plug the OTG cable, do you see a popup window asking which app to use for managing the USB? If you don’t probably it’s the OTG cable.

      Otherwise, are you using the same baud rate between the app and the KX3?

      73, Andrea IU4APC

      • Andrea

        I do get the popup asking which app to use for managing USB. I checked the baud rate and they are both 38400 on the KX3 and the tablet.


      • OK that’s good.
        Did you try simply rebooting the Nexus 7? And eventually unistalling and reinstalling the app.
        Do you use the external amplifier with the KX3?
        73, Andrea IU4APC

    • Ariel, I’ve tried 3-different OTG cables on my Galaxy TAB2 7″ and none seem to work …even after matching baud rates and rebooting both KX3 & App …never got the USB pop up either? YMMV Steve/wGOAT

      • Steve, not all androids are OTG compatible out of the box. Some have to be “rooted” Ariel NY4G

      • The Nexus 7 (2013) is the same table I use and I’m sure that even the version before works for sure. The fact that the popup windows comes up it means that the cable is ok.

        Probably rebooting should solve the problem, otherwise is some settings on the radio.

        I’m sorry for your Tab2 but don’t know what’s wrong with it.
        73, Andrea IU4APC

      • What’s “rooted” mean and how do you do that??

      • It means to “unlock” it. Google for it and if you have problems contact me directly 😉

  14. Andrea, I will try rebooting tonight when I am at the radio. I am keying a KPA500. I do not have it daisy chained to the KXPA100. I also tried unisnatlling and reinstalling the app.

    • OK let me know. Thanks.

      • Andrea,
        Hi, just tried rebooting the Nexus 7. It does not help.


      • Hi Ariel,
        did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

      • Andrea,

        The problem might be from when I operated with the KXPA100 and reset settings in the KX3. I probably needed to reset the KX3 to PA=OFF. Also I am trying a new OTG cable when I get home tonight.

        Ariel NY4G

      • Ciao Ariel,
        please let me know if with PA set to off it works.
        I tried to make it work with the PA as well but I don’t have one so I can’t test it and be sure 100% that the app tolerates it.

      • Andrea,

        Success – I turned the menu PA to OFF and it works fine. A friend of mine works your App with the cable hooked up to the KXPA100.

        Ariel NY4G

      • Ciao Ariel,
        that’s a good news. I’ll try to understand what’s needed to make it work with PA on and fix in the next version.
        73, Andrea IU4APC

  15. But my Tablet isn’t a phone or tethered to a carrier? So I don’t it’s locked?

  16. OK …found a bunch of “root” videos will study and let you know how it goes. Steve-wGOAT

  17. Andrea,
    Another “for the wish list”: I tried to work W1AW/0 on RTTY the other night, He was working a 2KHz split. I couldn’t figure a way to get the KX3Comp to operate split. I could set the KX3 up for split via the front panel, but the KX3Comp seemed to change the mode in the KX3. I had to use the KX3Comp to set the mode to USB, then back to RTTY.

    Regarding the previous log question: I installed a 16GB uSD card (I didn’t see your post in time) AND turned on “Use External Storage”. I now see at /storage/emulated/0/KX3Companion in the internal memory, not on the extSDCard memory, the various files. Perhaps a terminolory issue as to what is “external”. 73, Greg

    • Hi Greg,
      yes I have to clarify that in the app and in the manual. I refer to “external” as Android calls it so 🙂
      I’ll try to add split in the coming versions. Probably not the next one as I have to implement VFO B support, that it’s not difficult but requires some graphical interface rethinking.
      Thanks for your suggestions!
      73, Andrea IU4APC

  18. Hi again, Andrea,
    Another issue (or something I’ve not set right?): the rcv text on my Galaxy Tab2 7″ screen in landscape (all QSO headers are on one line) moves across the topmost line until it reachs the “c” in “Locat. #” (about half way across or perhaps 30 characters). It then clears the line and displays more text on the topmost line. The text never goes into the right half of the screen and never scrolls down to the remaining 4-5 available lines in the rcv text field. Any help is appreciated.
    73, Greg WA7IRW

    • Ciao Greg,
      can you please send me a screenshot? To do it usually you have to press the power + volume down at the same time.
      73, Andrea IU4APC

  19. Hi Andrea,

    not sure how difficult it is to implement, but what would be really nice is if it would be possible to tap (our double tap) onto a decoded RX window callsign and it would be transferred automatically to the call entry field.

    That would make usage for contest or DXpedition style QSOs in connection with the TX macros very easy and fast…similar like what most contest logging software do on a desktop PC to transfer the callsign automatically from the decoder window to the call entry field by a simple mouse click….

    That would be handy in all three modes CW, PSK and RTTY.

    ONE more: would be nice to have one Macro symbol for the sent serial number (SSer) – this would convert your up into a great simple contest logger.

    Something possible to implement?



    • Hi Oscar,

      both the suggestion are very good and I’ll surely work to implement them in the coming version. The first one is something that I tried at first but I didn’t spend too much time on it.

      The second is something that can easily be implemented and I’ll add for sure in the coming versions. I’ll do the same for the SRST so that you can also send the RST with macros.

      If you have more suggestions they are very welcome!

      Thanks again.

      73, Andrea IU4APC

  20. How do I know what version I have? Mine doesn’t look like the photos. How do I update if I don’t have the current version? I’m using a Nexus 7 2013.


    Nick, WA5BDU

    • Hi Nick,
      updating is easy. Simply go to the Google Play app and look for “My Apps”.
      There you’ll find all the app you have installed. Find the KX3 Companion anche check update.
      Otherwise you can, inside the Google Play app, search the KX3 Companion app and then you can updated it from there.
      I suggest you to also check “automatic update” so that as soon as an update is available, you’ll receive an alert and if an internet connection is also available, it’ll update.
      73, Andrea IU4APC

  21. Andrea,

    Like others I’m having difficulties get my Nexus 7 2012 connected to my KX3.

    1) Baud rate are the same at 19200 bps.
    2) All other KX3 app settings are the defaults. Baud rate at 100 ms.
    3) Rebooted both the Nexus and the KX3.
    4) When I plug in the OTH cable I get the popup asking to associate it with the KX3 app. So the OTH cable is working.
    5) When I tap the “OFF” button “ON” shows up in the app
    6) I get a pop up in the freq window that says “KX3 Connected”

    Then the app hangs and I eventually get a message saying the “KX3 Companion app is not responding. Do I want to close it”

    I have uninstalled the app then installed it new. Same issues?

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance, Guy/N7UN

    • Hi Guy,
      try rising the polling time to 200/300ms. And if that is not enough, try lowering the baudrate to 9600. This shouldn’t be needed if you rise the the polling time.
      Let me know.
      72/73, Andrea IU4APC

      • Good Morning Andrea,

        OK, I raised polling to 300 ms then to 500 ms. Lowered baud rate to 9600 on both. Still get the “KX3 connected” popup but the app is not getting data from the KX3. The app does not “hang” with these settings as I am able to turn the app off.

        I tried a 2nd Elecraft USB-to-serial cable with the same results. I am able to connect to the KX3 from my PC using the KX3 Utility software so the USB-to-serial cables are ok.

        Any suggestions?

        73, Guy/n7un

      • Probably it’s the USB OTG cable adapter then.
        Which OTG cable are you using?

        72/73, Andrea IU4APC

    • I’m watching this thread carefully because I am having exactly the same trouble with my Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android 4.4.2) and KX3 Companion Free (till I am sure it works on my phone). I get all of the notifications described in the manual, but when it displays “KX3 Connected”, it stops working. Sometimes I get “KX3 Companion app is not responding. Do you want to close it?”, and other times the app just locks up. The green light on the USB cable flashes constantly, but none of the buttons on the app work.

      I will try a different OTG cable when I get the chance. Any suggestions as to which one is best? I have been using this one for connecting a thumb drive to my phone with no problems, and it checks good with the “OTG USB Checker” app.


      • Hi Mark,

        There may be some stability issues with some devices. I suggest you to rise the polling time to 200/300 ms and eventually reduce the baudrate to 19200/9600. That should make it more stable in all the occasions.

        If that doesn’t work then probably it’s the OTG cable but there are so many that it’s very difficult to suggest you one 😦

        72/73, Andrea IU4APC

      • Andrea,
        Thought I would provide feedback. I re-started the Galaxy S5 for unrelated reasons, and now KX3 Companion Free works great with default settings and the same OTG USB cable. It appears the phone needed to be re-started. Now, I can move on to the pay version! Thank you for your fine program.


      • Windows teaches that a restart is always healthy 😀

        73, Andrea IU4APC

  22. I’m currently upgrading my Nexus Android OS from 4.2.1 to 4.3. I’ll let you know the results.


  23. Ok. Upgrade OS to 4.3. I still get the “Connected to KX3!” popup message but no data transfer from the KX3. I’ll get a different OTG cable to try.

    Thanks, Guy/n7un

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