817 Companion App Update v1.05 Available

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I just realized that there hasn’t been any “official” announcement of the 817 Companion Android app availability her on the KX3 Companion blog.

I did most of the announcement thought Twitter and YouTube.

But it’s the case to also announce it to all the people following the KX3 Companion blog as well.

The app has been released about one week ago and this morning I released a small update, updating the QRZ.com XML service URL (this change will soon be done on the KX3 Companion app as well).

You can find the app here:


Information with screenshots and videos in the official website:


the manual here:


and all the information of the 817 Pananadapter no-soldering-required HW kit here:


That’s all about the 817 Companion app.

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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