817Companion Panadapter (video)

Hi everyone,

yesterday worked on integrating in the “817Companion” app one of the coolest features I wanted to add: a panadapter (24kHz bandwidth).

The panadapter features requires a small piece of hardware that has to be placed in the “filter” slot of the Yeasu 817 (it also works with the 857 and 897) that takes the 455kHz signal from the radio and takes it out so that you can easily use that signal to have a fully working panadapter from your small little radio.

The panadapter “filter” will be available soon, so stay tuned for it as well 😉

The panadapter can be used with anything accepting and audio source, so a PC/Mac/Linux computes are perfectly fine, and the bandwidth depends on the sampling rate of your audio card. So if you have a 96Khz sound card, it’ll display 48Khz and so on.

But that also means that every Android device with an audio in port (often “hidden” in the earphone plug) can use it. On our Android smartphones and tablets we usually reach 48kHz giving us a panadapter view of 24kHz that is more than good in portable use.

What I’ve done yesterday is make the “817Companion” app ready to manage this hardware and below is a short video showing a full bandwidth (24kHz) spectrum/waterfall for the panadapter with the touch QSY features (you touch your tablet display and decide where you want the 817 to move to).

There’s no audio in the video as I didn’t record it but I’m sure that it is enough to show you how cool and useful this feature is!

I hope you like and that you’re exited as me about that. It’s only two days that I’m playing with it and can’t get enough already 😀

Stay tuned!

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


2 thoughts on “817Companion Panadapter (video)

  1. Any word on when the software will be released?

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