Use A Raspberry Pi2 and KX3 Companion App To Remotely Control The KX3 With Audio Streaming!

Hi Everyone,

thanks to Trung W6TN I’m able to show you detailed information on how to control remotely your KX3 using a Raspberry Pi and an Android device with KX3 Companion in it.

Here are the instructions by Trung W6TN:

These steps are only about the audio part of KX3Companion Remote. (the remote control part is here:

I used three devices: an Android phone (OnePlus One), a Raspberry Pi2, and a Macbook Pro. I bought a USB Audio card from (via Amazon)

  1. Go to this website to install both Mumble Server & Mumble Client on the Raspberry Pi2
    There is a link to where all Mumble Client for different OS are there.
    Note: There is a circular way to install Mumble Client for Raspberry Pi2, you can click on the “Download Linux Client Version 1.2.8”, which will lead to another link
    Essentially, the command is “apt-get install mumble” or “sudo apt-get install mumble
  2. Install a Mumble Client on Macbook (or Windows-based computer)
  3. Install Plumble (a Mumble Client) on an Android phone (or tablet)
  4. Force default sound module to be disabled and the new usb sound card is enabled by following instruction here:
  5. Adjust input and output level of the USB sound card by following instruction here:
    Use an iPod or sound source (like Pandora from a smartphone) to play continuously while recording a test as suggested on this link. Remember the card number of the USB sound card, more likely zero (not 1).
  6. Run Mumble client from multiple devices: Pi2, Macbook, or Android phone. Try testing connection at least from the Macbook and the Android phone.
  7. Run the recorded sound test from Pi2 and listen from either Macbook or Android phone. Adjust the volume as previously stated.
  8. Finally, start from fresh then either run KX3Companion first, Mumble second or vice versa

Thanks a lot again to Trung W6TN for spending so much time testing the solution.

It works great and simply needs a Raspberry Pi2 (maybe it also works on with a Raspberry Pi but haven’t tried it yet) and a USB Audio card for it.

Enjoy it and please report  your success and problems so we can try to help you setup your complete KX3 remote solution 😉

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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