CW Stick Keyer

Hi everyone,

Today I got a new toy for my portable CW: a CW Stick Keyer. This is an absolutely cool and perfectly working touch paddle.

Works like a charm! I’m used to a Palm Single paddle so it’s perfect as I’m used to mono paddle keying (no squeeze). I personally love it and find it the perfect solution for portable operation.

It also very inexpensive: 12Euro + VAT (+shipment)!

cwstick_817_1 cwstick_817_2
I did attach it to the Yaesu 817 so that I can also rotate it when it’s time to pack everything up.

I just ordered another one for my YouKits HB1B 😉 Probably I’ll add a few magnet at the end of the CW Stick Keyer so that I can attach and detach it easily to the HB1B.

Details and all info

Size: 100 x 19 x 2mm
Weight: 6 gr + cable
Cable: 60 cm
Connector: 3.5mm stereo jack

You can find it here:

There you’ll also find 3 YouTube videos showing it working.

There’s also a PDF flyer here:

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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