Morse Machine App On #NoAgendaShow !!!

Hi everyone,

Listening to episode #700 of my preferred podcast NoAgendaShow, I found out that my Morse Machine app has been nominated by my friend Adam Curry (@adamcurry).

You can listen to it at 2:57, but I suggest you to listen to the whole show and follow the show every Thursday and Sunday, if you did not already, as it’s worth every single minute spent listening to Adam and John C. Dvorak.

I’m very honored about that.

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


3 thoughts on “Morse Machine App On #NoAgendaShow !!!

  1. Any chance of an iPhone version?

    • Working on it and I hope to be able to release it soon. If you look at the blog section, you’ll find some screenshot I sent a few weeks ago.

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