Morse Machine 3.0 With New Look

Hi everyone,

I’ve been quite busy with my day job lately and couldn’t work much on ham radio apps development, but I’ve been thinking about how to give a better experience to Morse Machine app users (me first! :D).

And the main issue I found is that, particularly on smartphones (I use a Nexus 5) keys can be a little too small. So I had the idea to use all the screen space for keyboards and have the histogram with error level “embedded” in each key.

And here’s the result of the new app look compared with the old one:



I personally prefer the new one, but for those who like the old one, you’ll be able to switch to it simply going to the menu and selecting “Old Look”. You can come back to the new one by selecting “New Look” in the menu.

Another minor but useful improvement of the new version, is that once you start your session, only the active letters are highlighted in the keyboard.

The new update should be available in the coming hours. I’m finishing a very few things and then I’ll upload to the Google and Amazon Stores.

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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