Morse Machine App With Top 40 Words

Hi everyone,

I just finished coding another update to the Morse Machine app (Android for now).

I added the option to train recognition of the top 40 most used words during a CW QSO.


Here’s the list of the words:

  1. AR
  2. BK
  3. BT
  4. CQ
  5. DE
  6. DX
  7. ES
  8. FB
  9. GA
  10. GE
  11. GM
  12. GN
  13. HI
  14. HR
  15. HW
  16. KN
  17. NR
  18. OM
  19. SK
  20. TU
  21. WX
  22. 73
  23. AGN
  24. ANT
  25. PSE
  26. PWR
  27. QRL
  28. QRM
  29. QRN
  30. QRQ
  31. QRS
  32. QRZ
  33. QSB
  34. QSY
  35. QTH
  36. RST
  37. TNX
  38. 5NN
  39. 599
  40. NAME


I’m sure you’ll find that useful while preparing for you QSOs.

I’ll do some test to check that everything runs fine and upload it to the Google and Amazon stores. So stay tuned for the new v 2.6

72/73 Andrea


2 thoughts on “Morse Machine App With Top 40 Words

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Just keeps getting better!

    The latest rev is working great here and the popping artifact at the end of the characters is gone so I now have to blame mistakes on myself ;-).

    I suppose the next big thing would be to connect a key to the mic input and practice sending random characters as they show up on the screen. That sounds like a lot to code up. Using my KX3 in local mode I can practice sending text and using the companion app view the results. It’s going to take a lot more practice for me to get the use of the paddles down to a reasonable error free mode. 8-(

    73s John KB0NE

    • Thanks!

      Yes I decided to go another way pre-generating CW sounds and playing them as mp3. Everything sounds better this way.

      The key needs a power out to work and the power coming from the speakers is very low so you can’t do that. To do that an additional HW would be needed. Maybe someday 🙂

      Just uploaded the update to Google Store and it should be available in a couple of hours max.

      Enjoy it!
      72/73 Andrea IU4APC

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