Morse Machine iOS Porting Updates

Hi everyone,

iOS porting of the Morse Machine app is close to be done. I still have to work on making it look nice on all the different devices (iPhone5/6/6+ and all the iPads). This is the most difficult (and somehow annoying) part on Android as well.

Here are another couple of screenshots of the iPad version:

The app is coming out nicely and I changed the graphic a little to look it better. What do you think?

Also I’m adding a few thing that soon will be added to the Android version as well, like:

an “error” sound. Actually (on Android) if you press the wrong key, the sound of the letter to guess is played again. I found that this is a little confusing (for me as well) and I decided to replace that with a clear error sound. I find this to be much better and I hope you’ll like that as well.

a small delay from the press of the key and the generation of the next CW char. This is another aspect that is actually a little confusing. Adding a small delay

more statistics and a slightly different scoring: now the app counts also the wrong guesses. So when you press stop, you not only see how many letters you guessed right in that session, but also how many you guessed wrong and a percentage of right vs total (right + wrong). This will also influence the scoring. So the new score formula is: right guessed letters * Average WPM * (right letters/total letters)

Thanks everyone for sending me feedback about the app.

The Android version is having a great success (for an ham app and for my standards! :D) and I’m sure that the iOS version will be popular as well.

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


3 thoughts on “Morse Machine iOS Porting Updates

  1. Very excited to see this released. Thanks for your hard work.

  2. Did this iOS version ever get released to the App Store? I can’t seem to find it… could you provide a link? Thanks!

  3. Hi Andrea, can you tell the current status of this? I would really love to use a iOS-version of Morse Machine!

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