Morse Machine For iOS Almost Done

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on that most of the time those days and I can say that the iOS version of Morse Machine is almost done… at least the HD version for iPads.

I tried on a small iPhone 4 and graphics is not ok so I have to work on that side. But on iPad (and probably on higher resolution iPhones) it should be ok.

Here are a few screenshots of how it looks right now.

You’ll be able to set the initial lesson, set the WPM (from 15 to 40 in steps of 5) and the CW Pitch tone (from 400Hz to 900Hz in steps of 100Hz).

This week I should be able to submit it for review to Apple. The actual average review time from Apple is about 8 days. Being my first iOS app I think it’ll take more and I also expect it to be rejected for some reason.

So I expect the app to be available sometime in the second half (probably late) February 🙂

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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