Learn CW As A Game

Hi everyone, I keep receiving emails and feedback from people that has started using the Morse Machine app and they are all great feedback. The one thing they say is that learning CW with the Morse Machine it’s fun and a little like playing a game. And I totally agree with this point. My 7 years old kid it’s two days that keeps asking me to play with the Morse Machine app 😀 And this morning I realized that he’s getting into that for real as we heard 3 beeps sound from the TV and he said: “Dad, that’s an R!“. And he was right! I’m working on an update for the Morse Machine that will add a few thing that will give you even more fun using it:

  • More letter sequences: now there are a total of 5 different sequences.
    The sequences are:

    (the actual one):
    K M U R E S N A P T L W I . J Z = F O Y , V G 5 / Q 9 2 H 3 8 B ? 4 7 C 1 D 6 0 X

    (the most famous and used one):
    K M R S U A P T L O W I . N J E = F 0 Y , V G 5 / Q 9 Z H 3 8 B ? 4 2 7 C 1 D 6 X

    (the original sequence from the 1977 article):
    Q 7 Z G 0 9 8 O 1 J P W . L R A M 6 B / X D = Y C K N 2 3 ? F U 4 5 V H S I T E

    (one of the classical sequences):
    E T A N I M D S O U R C K P B G W L Q H F Y Z V X J 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 . / = ?

    (a great CW trainer here in Italy):
    A U V E I S 1 2 H T M O 3 N D B 4 G Z 5 R L F 6 Q W 7 J K 8 C Y 9 X P 0 . / = ?

  • Scoring: every time you end a session a score is calculated. The score is very simple and it’s give multiplying the average WPM of the session by the number of correct letter guessed. The app will record your best score. In the future I may add a “leaderboard” of your best scores 🙂
  • Time based sessions: You can now decide if you want the session to stop automatically after 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes or run until you press the STOP button (like it’s now).

I also developed a real preference panel that makes everything easier to set. Everything described above already works and it’s tested so the update will be released soon. Thanks everyone supporting the development of the app and giving feedback, sharing it, etc. Thanks! 72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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