How To Use Morse Machine App At Best

Hi everyone,

The Morse Machine App is having becoming popular and I’m having great feedback from people using it.

Today I want to share with you 3 basic rules to get the most out of it:

  1. Use it every day. 15-20 minutes a day can be enough, but don’t skip. If you can do 30 minutes or more it’s even better, but at least 15 minutes are needed.
  2. Don’t go below 20 WPM. Even if at the beginning it may sound too much, try to get used to the 20 WPM sound. That will avoid you to listen to dits and dahs and only focus on the sound of the letter.
  3. Reset letters error score every time you use it. When you begin your daily “session”, go to the menu and select “Reset Settings”. It’ll only reset the error score of each letter. The lesson number, the WPM, the CW Tone pitch will stay the same. This will allow you to refresh even the first letters that otherwise will be assumes as “learned”. From day to day you’ll need to do a fresh restart.

That’s it.

I found the 3rd rule to be particularly important and useful to understand day by day what you really already learned and what still needs repetitions.

With 8-10 hours of total training you should be able to get the whole 40 letters/numbers/symbols set without particular problems. After that you’re ready to start getting faster and get words.

The Morse Machine method is the closest simulation I’ve found to what a real Morse code teacher would do. I’m only sorry that I didn’t learn about it before! 🙂

Yesterday I released an updated version supporting external physical keyboards (USB or Bluetooth). Also the sound has been a little improved. So if you haven’t done already, do the update.

I’m also working on a second update that should give the option to use the original letter sequence of the Morse Machine method. This sequence initially focuses on letters with a longer sequence so that you are forced to wait the end of the sound before recognizing the letter.

For those curious the letter sequence is: Q 7 Z G 0 9 8 O 1 J P W L R A M 6 B X D Y C K N 2 3 F U 4 5 V H S I T E

Any suggestion and feedback is welcome.

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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