Morse Machine App In Development

Hi everyone,

as I wrote a few days ago, 2015 will be my personal CW year 🙂

I want to become really proficient in CW and to get better and better I’m trying to find some good training. My personal best choice goes to website. Really well done and with a lot of interesting tools to learn and improve your CW skills.

My preferred tool so far is the “Morse Machine“. The tool is not a LCWO original idea but it comes from Ward K9OX.

Let me use Ward original words to describe what the Morse Machine is:

“This program teaches you to receive Morse code. It starts with a few letters and adds more when it sees that you are ready. This is the easiest way to learn code because the computer thinks about the practice you need next instead of wasting your time with stuff you already know or confusing you with stuff that you don’t.”

Immediately I thought that it would be cool (and useful) to have the Morse Machine running on Android phones/tablet as well and I just started the development of the app.

The app works by starting with the two first letters of the Koch method: K and M. For each letter you have a column showing how many times you have to guess that letter to consider it “learned”.

It plays the letters randomly and you have to say which one has been played. If the answer is right, the column goes down by 1. If it’s wrong the column value is increased. And so on, until the first two letters are considered “learned”. Once this happens it adds the 3rd letter. It plays the new letter more frequently than the previous ones. When also the third letter is learned, the app adds the 4th and so on.

The status will be saved so that you can stop and start from where you left the next time.

I personally love it and found it one of the best ways to learn and improve your CW.

It should be quite easy to develop and I’m already at a good point.

Here are a couple of screenshot of the initial development.

Very simple but it’s almost all it’s needed for the Morse Machine 🙂

As usual I’ll keep you updated on the development of this new app!

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


I know not everyone knows well how Morse code is born and how it developed over time.
If you are interested in it, one place I’d like you to point to is a page developed by Corrine Jackson where you can have a brief overview of it and lots of selected links if you are more curious about it.

The link is:

I’d like to thank Corrine spending time researching and writing about it and really hope she and her friends start to learn Morse code as it’s a cool and peculiar skill to have 🙂


2 thoughts on “Morse Machine App In Development

  1. GREAT APP! I have this on my phone. To bad this won’t work on my Windows 7 PC.
    Are you considering a possible version of this app that would allow a USB interface between a code key and a PC? There is nothing available, that I’m aware of, that allows a analysis of a code keys morse output for conformity with accepted character formation and character/word spacing standards.
    The formatting of your Morse Machine is very user friendly. Expanding this format to include character recognition, and real-time advice on keying/timing errors would be of incredible value.
    Being able to plug a paddle into my computer, in and of itself, would be worth a price but the analysis and training feedback would be unique and excellent.

    • Hi Bob,
      for now the feature you are exposing is not in the plans and sincerely I don’t know if it’ll ever be. I agree with your that it’d be great to have but I have very short time for ham radio sw development and I have to focus on developing for mobile devices.
      But thanks for your comment and for suggesting.

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