CW Beacon App Is Out!


Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce that the new CW Beacon app is available starting from now in the Google Store.

The link is:

The CW Beacon app generates CW customized audio signals that can be sent periodically. By monitoring the reception of those messages on reverse beacon networks, you can verify how good is the performance of your radio setup (radio+antenna) and/or popagation conditions over different bands.

This app is intended for patented ham radio operators and should be used in conjunction with a tranceiver using its microphone (audio in) port.

The default message format is:

BCN DE # @ &

# in your call sign (add /B to be recognized as a beacon)
@ is your WWL locator grid
& is a custom message

For example:


To use the app all you have to do is:

  1. Set the message (red chars). You can use prosigns for it. # for call, @ for locator and & for a custom message. The line with the orange chars shows the message that will be sent.
  2. Set the call, locator and a custom message. The locator can be automatically calculated by pressing the GPS Button.
  3. Set the WPM speed.
  4. Set a custom frame size (the number of minutes between Each message send) or leave the automatically calculate suggested minimum value.
  5. Set the audio Frequency.
  6. Press START To immediately start sending the CW message
  7. Press the REPORTS Button to open the page with REPORTS showing where your message has been heard.

The STEREO checkbox enables the sending of dits and dahs on different audio channels. This can be used to drive external hardware to emulate a real paddle. I can anticipate that an hardware device should be soon available for that.

For any suggestion or request of support contact me at:

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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