CW Beacon App In Development


Hi everyone,

with the new year I decided that this would be my personal “Year of CW” 🙂 I want to make CW my main and almost exclusive mode.

So I decided to start by creating some app dedicated to CW and all its operators.

The easiest start is to build a “CW Beacon” app to be added to the already existing “beacon” apps: WSPR Beacon and QRSS Beacon.

Here are a couple of screenshot of the app I’m developing.

The features are:

  • periodically sending a CW message
  • completely customizable message
  • prosigns for call, locator and a custom message
  • locator (6 chars) can be automatically calculated by using the Android device GPS
  • select CW tone (default 700hz)
  • select the WPM speed (default 20)
  • select how often the message is sent (repetition time)
  • check reverse beacon reports to see where your message has been heard

Those are the features I’m planning to add to this first release. As usual probably the app will grow in the future to implement your suggestions and ideas.

The app should be available quite soon.

If you have anything you’d like to see in this app, please send me an email or add a comment below!

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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