Another WSPR Beacon App Update

Hi everyone,

I’m having a lot of feedback for the beacon app and and some spare time to code good ideas… and fix bugs 🙂

Today I released another (probably the last for some time!) of the WSPR Beacon app.

Here’s what’s new in this version:

  • added sorting for reports. You can now sort the list by date, frequency, power, distance, SNR, reporter call and miles per watt (all of them also in reverse mode)
  • the app now should be able to retain your information on all the devices (finally!)
  • fixed view on tablets. Still have to work on the font size but now everything should align perfectly

As I told you this is probably the last update for some time as I have to work on new apps release: the “817 Companion” and some other ones but I’ll talk about them in mode details in the coming days and weeks.

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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