CoolerKX First Quick Stress Test On WSPR

Hi everyone,

a few weeks ago I decided to go for an upgrade on my KX3 and give it a “professional heatsink”: the CoolerKX.

You know that so far I’ve been using a DIY Heatsink made using computer pieces and performances where good, surely better than only with the stock one.

WSPR is probably the most stressful mode for a rig as it is works by sending a continuos signal for a little less than 2 minutes. So double the time of a JT65 QSO even if you have more time to let the rig cool down.

I was very curious about how much better the CoolerKX would perform respect my DIY version. So today I dedicated a little time to do a first test using my new WSPR Beacon app.

Well all I can say is WOW! There’s a huge difference.

With the DIY after a WSPR messages the KX3 usually increased by a delta of around 15-17°C. With the CoolerKX I never reached more than 10°C from the initial temperature!

I tested it using the internal batteries with 5W using a very simple long wire tossed to a tree. SWR wasn’t bad but not optimal (between 1.5 and 2).

Unfortunately I couldn’t test it for a long time. I plan to do better tests in the coming days/weeks. But so far I can say that I’m already impressed.

Not to talk about the visual aspect 🙂 The CoolerKX looks beautiful and it’s very well done. Round and smooth perfectly matches the KX3 look and it feels like the KX3 has been build with it 🙂

Mounting it is a snap. It took me 5 minutes to have it installed and it’s super easy.

There are even a couple of additional holes that open to new potential accessories.

My vote goes to a tablet/smartphone stand!

A few words about the WSPR Beacon app. It works as expected. It was easy to setup the rig and smartphone audio levels so to have best ALC. And you only have to do once. I shouldn’t say but I find it cool to have almost everything you need to operate most of the digital modes in your smartphone. And I’m proud that I did it 😀

Proud to own an Elecraft KX3… now with the best heatsink available.

Thanks to Fred VE7FMN for such a great job. If you are serious about digital modes, simply you can’t do without it.

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


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