Next KX3C New Feature Poll Results

Hi everyone,

20 days ago, after the latest KX3 Companion update release, I asked users (and not) to help me deciding which direction to take in the app development.

The result is the following:


So the most wanted new feature is the Frequency memory buttons, followed by the full screen spectrum/waterfall and third the audio in/out streaming with wireless operation with an inexpensive HW.

Here are my thoughts on each of those new features.

Frequency Memories

Absolutely my personal first choice as well. I already know how to do it and shouldn’t take much to have it. It’ll look exactly as the MACROs (so 10 buttons on low res smartphones/tablets and 20 buttons on HD ones). By clicking the button you should be able to set the a label, set the frequency, the mode and the color of the text.

Fullscreen spectrum/waterfall

This is something I’ve been thinking out since the first release of the version with the audio spectrum. This will require some more work and it’s not that straight forward as I have to think about how to “design” it. I’ll do some sketches and I’ll let you know the direction I’ll take.

Audio in/out streaming

I did some experiment with that but still needs a lot of work. Actually I have to decide which technology to use. I’m between integrating a SIP (VoIP) service or use something web based like WebRTC. In the meanwhile more things will surely come up to my mind 🙂

HW for Wireless Operation

As you know this is a mandatory step for the iOS porting. I have a prototype working but “mass” production requires more work. I’m thinking about designing a 3D printed case for it. Actually I lack founds 😦 For an iOS device (I have 3 but none supporting Bluetooth 4.0 for BLE) and for a small 3D printer. I had to replace my broken Moto G with a used Nexus 5 to keep on developing on Android. I hope to find funds to dedicate to this aspect soon but everything is on hold for this reason.


It seems that some people want a Desktop version of the KX3 Companion. I can do that but this is very low priority right now as there are other solutions and I’m not intentioned to re-do things that already exist.

I’ll also probably take out the WPM slider and leave only the button to set it. Its place will be taken by a “communication text line” that will show different kind of messages, like the last QSO recorded and others.

Also a more customization of the user interface (fonts and colors) will be added to future versions.

Some asked for additional digital modes, particularly JT65. As you know I’m working on that. But I don’t think I’ll develop them to be integrated into the KX3 Companion. It’ll be more likely a dedicated app (like the WSPR Beacon one) so that it can be used with any rig and not strictly dedicated to the Elecraft KX3.

Thanks again to all the people participating to the poll and to everyone supporting the development buy the apps 🙂

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


2 thoughts on “Next KX3C New Feature Poll Results

  1. I suggest a kickstarter for the iOS project. I know I’d donate a chunk…

    • I’ve been thinking about croudfounding the iOS app and hardware development. As well as other apps.. got lot of ideas! 🙂
      But I’m still not sure about it. It’d be a good way to rise money for all the stuff I need for the development.
      I’ll think about that seriously and write something about my thinking on the blog in the coming days.
      Thanks for suggesting 😉
      72/73 Andrea IU4APC

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