WSPR Beacon App For Android Available In The Google Store!


Hi everyone,
the WSPR Beacon app has been published and available in the Google Store here:

Enjoy and have fun with it!

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


4 thoughts on “WSPR Beacon App For Android Available In The Google Store!

  1. Great! i bought it!

    If you can make a JT65 i will buy it also!
    Thank you… 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for your support!

      JT65 TX/RX is my dream 😀

      TX is not that difficult and quite similar to WSPR (and that’s why I started from there) but RX is more difficult and never did it before. But I’m studying the original JT65 code and I hope to be able to port TX and RX relatively soon.

      My main concern is the CPU power needed for decoding multiple signals in a relatively short time (a little more than 10 seconds) and I think that not all the devices will be able to do that.

      Anyway… I’ll try 😉 I have some decently fast device (Nexus 7 2013) and probably it should do it. Otherwise I’ll add some limit to the number of multiple streams decoded… something like only the strongest ones, etc.

      I’ll surely keep the blog updated about that as well 😉

      Spread the voice and if you could give a rating/feedback on the store once you have tested the app, it’d be great.

      Thanks again!

      72/73 Andrea IU4APC

  2. What connections are needed for use with the KX3?

    • Only an audio cable from the earphones jack of the smartphone to the Mic of the KX3.

      No serial connection is required. The app doesn’t control the KX3 as it’s not only meant to work with the KX3.

      You have to set the KX3 to VOX so that when it gets the audio signal, it automatically starts transmitting.

      72/73 Andrea IU4APC

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