Rig In A Box Setup

Hi everyone,

yesterday I got my Pelican 1200 case as I always had in mind to build an hardened “Rig in a box” setup.

The setup is complete, the only missing parts are the antenna (I use a HyEndFed QRP on a DXWire 10m compact mast) and the CW Paddle that is on the way. I decided to come back to study CW and I’m sure that I’ll take it with me.

The Pelican 1200 is a sturdy, water resistant case and it makes you feel that everything inside it will stay secure.

Here’s a picture of my blue Pelican 1200 closed:


Sorry for the bad quality of the images but I quickly took them with the Moto G and the camera is not the main quality of this smartphone 😀

Here a picture of the setup just opened so that you can see how I put things inside:


The content is:

  • Elecraft KX3
  • Nexus 7 2013 (with KX3 Companion!) 😀
  • Repoo E6300 bluetooth keyboard
  • MH3 Microphone
  • 9v/12v Battery for KX3
  • 5v Battery for Nexus 7 and/or BT keyboard
  • KXUSB cable
  • 2 audio cables for audio in/out with splitter for Nexus 7
  • “Y” OTG cable so that I can connect the Nexus 7 to the KX3 and recharge it at the same time if needed

There’s still room left on the right of the KX3 to store the Palm Mini Single Paddle that is coming.

I used magnets attached to the top of the Pelican 1200 case and to the back of the Nexus 7 cover with Sugru plastic. This lets the Nexus 7 to be strongly attached to the top of the case but at the same time you can take it apart easily. This “magnetic” setup is much more durable than using velcro.

I also used a small magnets to keep the MH3 Microphone attached to the top while the box is closed.

You can see how magnets are positioned on the back of the N7 cover and on the top of the Pelican 1200 case:


The position is strange but that’s because I also magnets to attach my HackRF SDR tranceveir to the back of the N7 as well for extremely portable SDR setup… more on that in the future 😉

And here is the setup working:


The BT keyboard has two magnets (attached with Sugru) as well so that it easily and strongly attaches to the open cover of the N7 when in use.

The total weight of the boys is 3.5Kg.

The antenna is 350 gr. and the 10m fiberglass mast is 1.250Kg.

For a total of around 5.1Kg for the full radio setup. A good result. I wanted to stay below 6 and I did it.

Everything seems to work well and I hope to be able to test the setup soon. In case I need more advanced digital modes like JT65/9 I can switch the N7 2013 with the N7 2012 that I installed with Ubuntu Linux and all the “regular” softwares.

A great thanks goes to Emil DL8JJ for all the suggestions about the Pelican 1200 case, for the KX3 Companion development and for giving me back the will to get back studying CW 😉

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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