KX3C New Update Debugging Almost Done

Hi everyone,

just a quick update to let you know that debugging is almost done.

Despite of the many new features, the latest version seems pretty solid and stable. All the new feature work as expected and thanks to my beta testers I’ve been able to spot a few minor bugs and a couple of things that could have been done in a more intuitive way 🙂

After this update I’ll finally get back to all the other things in the list:

  • QRSS Beacon app update
  • WSPR Beacon app
  • QRSS + WSPR Beacons app
  • 817 Companion app
  • iOS porting of the KX3 Companion

Still don’t know if the Android apps will work with the new Android 5. There should be no problem but can’t say. My devices should be updated soon and if any of you has an Android device with the soon to be released 5 version let me know.

I could install some pre-release Android 5 image but actually I don’t have a spare device to be installed with it so I have to wait for my Nexus 7 2013 (and 2012) or Moto G OTA images to be released.

A presto.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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