Macro Command Language Done!

Hi everyone,

here’s the daily update on the development of the new features for the KX3 Companion app.

Today I dedicated my time focusing on the most advanced new feature that is adding the possibility to send commands in macros.

Here’s the list of the actually available commands:

  • QSO – Logs the QSO as by long clicking the LOG button
  • WPM:xx – Changes the WPM value
  • MODE:xy – Changes the mode where x can be 1 (LSB), 2 (USB), 3 (CW), 4 (FM), 5 (AM), 6 (DATA), 7 (CW- REV), or 9 (DATA-REV) and y can be 0 (DATA A), 1 (AFSK A), 2 (FSK D), OR 3 (PSK D)
  • FREQ:xxxxxxxxxxx – Changes the frequency of VFO A
  • FREQB:xxxxxxxxxxx – Same as FREQ but for VFO B
  • UP:x – Moves up the VFO A based on x that can be  0=1 Hz; 1=10 Hz; 2=20 Hz; 3=50 Hz; 4=1 kHz; 5=2 kHz; 6=3 kHz; 7=5 kHz; 8=100 Hz; 9=200 Hz
  • DN:x – Moves down the VFO A based on x that can be  0=1 Hz; 1=10 Hz; 2=20 Hz; 3=50 Hz; 4=1 kHz; 5=2 kHz; 6=3 kHz; 7=5 kHz; 8=100 Hz; 9=200 Hz
  • UPB:x – Same as UP but for VFO B
  • DNB:x – Same as DN but for VFO B
  • VFOAB – Switches VFO A with B
  • PWR:xxx – Changes the power out value
  • SEND – Immediately sends what’s before the command so that you don’t need to press the SEND button
  • CMD1 – First custom command
  • CMD2 – Second custom command

Every command has to be placed between “<” and “>” so that the KX3 Companion recognizes it as a command and not as regular text.

So for example, a good “73” macro can be:


This sends the 73 message and automatically substitutes the <OMCALL> with the callsign in the “Call” field, the <MYCALL> with your callsign as set in the “personal information” area of the settings. It’ll also automatically LOG the QSO (and eventually automatically send an eQSL).

The <SEND> command let the macro start immediately by simply pressing the macro button without the need for pressing the “Send” button. Note that the <SEND> command should be the last thing in the macro.

I personally find this pretty cool 😀

Also you’ll be able to set up to two custom commands that you can use in your macros.

The implementation of new commands is pretty fast so if you have any good one to suggest feel free to do it before I release the new update implementing the new feature.

Now I have to do some more tests, add the multiple filter/alert for DX Cluster and I think that the update is ready to be released. So a couple of days and it’s done!

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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