My Mountain Activity With KX3 and KX3 Companion

Hi everyone,

finally yesterday I had the change to take the KX3 out for a walk on a mountains not far from where I live.

We were in 3: Emiliano IZ4GAH, Simone IW4DWW and me IU4APC.

It wasn’t long (about 8km in total) but good for testing setups. We went to “Ca Nasetto” about 880m high.

Here are a few pictures of taken:

I was using the HyEndFed QRP 40/20/10 antenna and ended up with about 20 QSOs (mostly on 20m and some on 40m) in about 4 hours of very slow activity. I was more focused on enjoying the panorama 😀

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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