400 Thanks!

Hi everyone,

today this post is only about giving thanks to the (more) than 400 people that decided to support the development of the KX3 Companion.

We just passed the 400 users mark and it’s a great!

I don’t know exactly how many Elecraft KX3 has been sold so far but I think that are around 7500. That means that more than 1 out of 20 people owning a KX3 also own and use the KX3 Companion. That is more than 5% of the total and it’s simply huge for a “one man band” like me.

The free version has been downloaded 5 times more đŸ˜€ Now I want to convince all the people using the free version, that the full version is well worth supporting it and reach 10% đŸ˜€

Development is a little on hold actually due to problem with my KX3 ACC1 port and to my day job that is taking most of my time. But I hope to have time soon to come back to work on adding more features the the KX3 Companion, as well as developing new apps for the KX3 and not only.

Future planned feature for the KX3 Companion are:

  • automatic call sign recognition in the RX area (done and works!)
  • multiline macros (done!)
  • macro editing with template save/load
  • new macro programming language with new “symbols” for us as well as for the OM connected, commands to allow switching of frequency, change in wpm, etc.
  • CW prosign support
  • bug fixing (as usual, is always needed)

Some of the features has been already developed and tested. The others won’t take long once I have the KX3 serial fixed and some time to work on it.

And that’s only for the KX3 Companion! As you may know, many new app are in development and some already released.

Thanks again to all the ham radio colleagues and particularly to those sending me feedback, ideas, pictures, videos, etc.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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