817 Companion App Sketches

Hi everyone,

I’ve been thinking about building an “companion” app for the Yaesu 8×7 (mostly for the 817) rigs since I started the one for the KX3.

I owned a 817 and an iCom IC- 7000 before the KX3. After I bought the KX3 I decided to sell them both as I decided to only do QRP and work with the KX3 only.

But the 817 is a nice little rig and there’s much room to develop a “817 Companion” app for it.

The CAT programming (even considering the undocumented commands) is not even near to the the Elecraft KX3 programming language. So for the 817 Companion app I will focus mainly on the audio spectrum/waterfall, logging, DX cluster and macros will be replaced by frequency/mode memory buttons.

Here are the sketches I’ve done for the app GUI:

I already coded the serial CAT code so I “only” have to code the GUI integration.

Shouldn’t take long but I’m working on so many things that I have no idea of when it’ll be available. But it’s in the plans šŸ˜‰

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


4 thoughts on “817 Companion App Sketches

  1. Love it! I not only have a KX3, but the 817nd as well. ARe you some kind of alter-ego to me? LOL

  2. I’m really looking forward to this.
    If you require testing resource, I am happy to help with my 817 and various droid devices

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