WSPRing The World With 5W #hamradio #WSPR

Hi everyone,

yesterday I made some extensive WSPR on 40m with my usual setup: KX3 and a few meters of cable attached directly to it. No counterpoise, no balun… nothing!

And here are the results of about 12 hours of WSPRing:


The antenna seems to be pretty directive. The very most of the contacts are always made in the N/S direction that is the direction where it is placed.

Australia, Tasmania, Mauritius, part of the USA East coast and more inside Indiana and Illinois, Canada and going south Brazil, and more “naturally” all over the Europe up to the very top of Norge.

I’m always impressed by WSPR and I definitely have to work on the WSPR Beacon app 🙂

But tonight or tomorrow I’ll try with QRSS using my QRSS Beacon app and see where I’ll be able to be heard.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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