Old And New Apps Development

Hi everyone,

I’ve been out for a few days and finally I’m back.

I haven’t got the time to work on coding for the apps but had much time to think about what to do.

Here’s a list of things I want to add

KX3 Companion:

  • Add support for multiline macros (DONE!)
  • Add macro commands allowing to do things like automatic logging, change of WPM speed, QSY, etc.
  • Add macro symbols for personal data
  • Add Macros editor allowing to add a label to macros and load/save macros templates
  • seamless integration with the new KX KeyAPP app

QRSS Beacon:

  • use a different sound generation library so to use higher base frequencies (around 1500Hz)

KX3 KeyApp (not yet released):

  • finish the CW template and release the app
  • add support for remote connection (Eg. Piglet, Internet, etc) (DONE!)
  • seamless integration with the KX3 Companion app

I’ve also been thinking about future apps development:

  • WSPR Beacon
  • Logging App with eQSL support
  • Background Audio In/Out Streamer for KX3 remote application (KX3 Companion and KX3 KeyApp)
  • KX3 Snapshot app… a grid of buttons. By long clicking one of these you save an almost complete status (frequencies, mode, EQ settings, etc) of the KX3 that can be recalled with a simple press of the same button. Each button will have a customizable label.

Unfortunately I won’t have much time in the coming weeks for all that as starting from tomorrow I’ll be pretty busy with my day job. I’ll try to dedicate some time so that all those items won’t take long before they are ready to be published.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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