QRSS Beacon App Almost Done

QRSS Beacon Icona LARGE

Hi everyone,

as anticipated yesterday, I’m working on a QRSS Beacon App and I’m at a very good point of development.

Almost everything is working, other than the framing. Framing is the time window for repeating the message. But that is a very short work to be done. I think it’s about an hour more to have it working and tested.

I want to share a couple of screenshots of the app, to give you a feeling of it 🙂

The app is able to work in QRSS, FSK/CW and DFCW with DIT duration from 1 second up to 60 seconds.

The base frequency can go from 450Hz to 550Hz. The shift is 5Hz up or down and this refers to FSK/CW and DFCW only.

This is my first app not specifically dedicated to the KX3 but it’s made to work on every radio with an audio input and with VOX.

A couple of days more and it’ll be available on the Google Store!

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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